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Cyber & Identity Crimes
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Cyber Tips
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Bullet itemWhile rampant attacks on financial institutions aren't a surprise, cybercriminals are increasingly turning to healthcare companies which hold a variety of confidential information on patients.
Bullet itemIn 2014 The Guardian surveyed a variety of cybersecurity companies and found that advanced persistent threats (APTs) or "sophisticated spam" will likely rise in the coming years.
Bullet itemMake sure your anti-virus and security software are up to date.

Use a passphrase rather than a password.
Make your passphrase complicated.

Do not share your password with anyone, including family members.
Make a unique password for each seperate account.

Do not click on unfamilier links or open unfamilier emails, posts or tweets.

Keep your personal information personal. Do not publish sensitive information online.
Bullet itemIf possible, use a credit card for online purchases rather than your debit card.

Change the default security settings on your home wireless router.

Turn the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth radios off on your phone when they are not in use.

If possible, do not use public Wi-Fi such as the free Wi-Fi offered in coffee shops and hotels.

Call to verify any emails from your bank or credit card requesting for you to enter your username or password online.

Think about what you post online. Once posted, it cannot be deleted.

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