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  Data Systems Bureau consists of the following support Units/Sections:
  Administration & Operations
     -Bureau Operations
       -ITTU - Information
           Technology Training Unit

Custody Automation
   -Application Development
   -Custody Computer Services
   -System Analysis

Data Center Administration
   -Systems Adm/Operations
      /Lab & Inventory

Information Systems - SHQ
   -Application Development
   -Implementation and
      Installation Support
   -Production and Ad hoc Reports
       design and distribution
   -Commercial Software
     Implementation and Support
   -End-User Application Support

     -LA Regional Crime
           Information System

Sheriff's Data Network - SDN
     -Computer Lab
     -Custody Support - South County
     -Email/Fax - User Accounts
     -Internet & Intranet
     -JDIC - Justice Data Interface Controller
     -Network Administration
     -Network Field Support
     -Systems Administration
     -Technical Support - Help Desk

Systems Development
     -CWS, COPS, Dept. Systems
     -LACRIS/CW LAPD Dvlpmt Project
     -Omniform Support Desk
     -Rapid Application /
           Office Automation Dvlpmt
     -RAPS/Mobile/Falcon Systems



Bureau Administration & Operations
- Ancillary activities include supporting interfaces with AJIS, County Wide Timekeeping and Personnel and Payroll System (CWTAPPS), County Wide Accounting and Purchasing System (CAPS), and the Countywide Acquisition Management Information System (CAMIS) to LASD's administrative applications.
The DSBIS unit is also responsible for developing a new Property and Evidence system to replace the current DOS-based EPIC system.

  Custody Automation/AJIS - primary unit that is specifically dedicated to automating all avenues regarding current arrest, booking, housing data, automated inmate court dates and classifications, and generating the Departmental arrest statistics for the California Department of Justice. Staff is continually reviewing system to provide the utmost in the latest technology.

Information Systems - SHQ unit - is responsible for the development, implementation, maintenance, reporting, and end-user support for LASD's Administrative systems. These systems include:
- Budget Information Management System (BIMS)
- Booking Fee Recovery System
- Certification Desk Management System (CDMS)
- Employee Information System (EIS)
- Exam Reporting System (ERS)
- Facility Administration Acquisition Materials - Management System (FAAMMS)
- Financial Management System (FMS)
- Health and Safety Tracking
- Personnel Information Management System (PIMS)
- Pre-employment Tracking System (PTS)
- Sheriff's Human Resource Management Information System (SHRMIS)
- Subrogation
- Transfer Preference Tracking, and Weapons and Qualifications Systems (WQS).

- Unit is responsible for the Los Angeles Regional Crime Information System which is a regional program providing information to all law enforcement agencies within the Los Angeles regional area. Providing more effective analysis of crime trends and an aid to researching investigative leads of individual crimes. LARCIS tracks events from the time of their origination, through all phases of the investigation, and to the point of inactivation.
Sheriff's Data Network Group
- The physical network is maintained by SDN Network Section of Data Systems Bureau. The department has standardized on Cisco routers and switches and utilizes a variety of network management tools. This section is responsible for the design and architecture of the network and for recommending and procuring all necessary equipment. They are also responsible for all network expansions, installations, maintenance and enhancements. A premier network infrastructure within the county that is a completely integrated network. The staff continually maintains its existing technology as well as keeps abreast of new technologies. The SDN group strives to keep its infrastructure up to date to provide the best service and support to the department and to the law enforcement community within southern California.

JDIC - is a regional law enforcement data communications system networked throughout the County. JDIC serves the Sheriff's Department as well as other police agencies within Los Angeles County. It also provides service to the District Attorney, the Probation Department, the municipal and superior courts and numerous other local, state and federal criminal justice agencies. The primary function of JDIC is to provide County law enforcement agencies instant access to local, state and federal data files and communication throughout the county, state and nation.
System Development - CWS & RAPS
- This unit coordinates the development and implementation for numerous on-line systems. The Countywide Warrant System (CWS) contains all wants and warrants issued by both the municipal and superior courts. The system interfaces with many of the systems stated above and others statewide. This system is used by virtually every law enforcement agency in Los Angeles County.
Other system:
*RAPS - Regional Allocation of Police Services serves as a management tool for the deployment of patrol personnel, analysis of individual patrol unit performance,and reporting to contract cities regarding levels of police services.