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Captain Rod A. Kusch

Narcotics Bureau is responsible for the investigation of cases involving the use, possession, sale, manufacture, and transportation of controlled substances. Other responsibilities include disposal of controlled substances, providing specialized training about controlled substances, directing all financial and asset seizure/forfeitures relative to narcotic activities, making public appearances, liaison with the County of Los Angeles Narcotics Drugs Commission, Western States Information Network, and participation in multi-agency narcotic task forces.

The Sheriff's Department's Cocaine seizures statistics continue to mirror a disturbing nationwide abuse trend. A significant amount of Marijuana seizures are from outdoor grow locations in the Angeles National Forest.

To address the increase activity relating to the cultivation of marijuana, the Narcotics Bureau initiated a Marijuana Enforcement Team (MET) comprised of Sheriff's narcotic investigators and members of the United States Forest Service. Its mission is to eliminate illicit indoor and outdoor marijuana grows.

The use of methamphetamine continues to grow. The rise in methamphetamine popularity has led to an increase in illicit drug labs. Methamphetamine laboratories also pose health and environmental hazards to investigators and the public. The very nature of the ignitable, corrosive, reactive, and toxic chemicals at the lab sites have resulted in explosions, fires, toxic fumes and irreparable damage to human health.

The Los Angeles County area continues to be a hub of narcotic activity. The highly developed transportation routes and the close proximity to the United States/Mexican border create a unique threat by making Los Angeles County a major distribution, storage, and supply center for illicit drugs destined for cities throughout the United States and beyond.

Rod A. Kusch